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All of our pubic shavers are razors meant for your intimate places. They are dry pubic shavers and require baby powder to get the smoothest results possible. They were created to be so delicate to your skin that you can use them every single day with no red marks, no irritation, and no shaving bumps. They are great for anyone who has troubles with normal razors or the active person who doesn't like to wait a day or two between shavings.

Body Bare shavers will not ever nick or scrape your skin and are approved for use around your private areas. They all come with their own brushes, care instructions and a 2 year Manufactures Warranty.

Body Bare Lifetime Blade and Foil Guarantee

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PRODUCTS Manscaping

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Body Bare Mens Shaving Package

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Mens Package
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 $135.44 $119.98

Body Bare Options:
115V rechargeable USA
220V rechargeable
Battery Operated Shaver


Why 'Manscaping' Isn't Just for Porn Stars Anymore
Dec 29, 2011 4:45 AM EST

The Atlantic recently reported that female pubic hair is on the fast track to extinction. But grooming experts say the latest hair-removal trend isn’t targeted at women. Lizzie Crocker on the ‘manscaping’ boom.


Tim Arpin is toned and tanned, with shoulder-length brown hair and brooding eyes. He bears a striking resemblance to Antonio Banderas, circa 1995. He’s such a hunk, the 30-year-old Georgia native is in the running to be Cosmo’s bachelor of the year.


Arpin is one of 50 men who appears on the magazine’s website sans shirt and flexing his best assets. The finalists hail from different states and backgrounds, but they all have the same answer for one question: do you manscape? Every dude that’s asked says—enthusiastically—yes!

“I’m a pretty hairy guy,” admits Aprin, a real-estate investor. He says he shaves his chest and stomach weekly with a standard Gillette razor. Since he’d rather not risk nicking his private parts with a straight blade, Arpin whittles down his crotch hair once a month with a safety-guarded electric trimmer.  “I like the way it looks,” he says, adding, “And I think a girl would appreciate it.” A Southern gentleman, Arpin carefully avoids crude references. Only after being nudged does he admit that general upkeep makes sex better. “Too much hair can be distracting and take away from the moment,” he explains.

The Atlantic reported this month that female pubic hair in America is on the road to extinction, but that’s a bit like noting the spotted owl is an endangered species. Grooming and waxing experts say the latest trend in pubic hair removal isn’t targeted at women—it’s for the guys. There’s evidence of this all around us (if you dare to look). The most startling aspect of seeing Anthony Weiner’s penis in a leaked iPhone sext earlier this year wasn’t its size, but that it looked like a plucked chicken. The same is true of other celebrities’ trimmed full-monty shots, from football player Brett Favre to Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz.

In ancient times, removing male pubic hair had less to do with aesthetics. Egyptians did it to stave off fleas and lice. Romans removed adolescent boys’ body hair as an initiation into adulthood. In the 16th century, Europeans were aghast when Michelangelo’s statue of David featured a sculpted tuft above his penis; they thought it looked ungodly.  The modern manscaped man is a product of today’s post-metrosexual society, where even the alpha male indulges in spa treatments and $50 Diesel boxer briefs.

Steve Sparrow / Getty Images

“Part of it has to do with shared roles,” says Nicole Caldwell, the editor of Playgirl, who has seen such a steep decline in male pubic hair recently that she has to remind her models not to shave everything off. “I don’t want to say there’s no distinction between men and women, but it’s more acceptable for them to share a space. Guys can occupy salons and it’s not totally bizarre.”

Robert, a 25-year-old investment manager from Massachusetts, trims his pubes with an electric razor—“the kind that barbers use for shaving heads,” he says. Just as he prefers a woman to be groomed when he performs oral sex (“the less hair, the better”), he imagines girls don’t want a bush in their mouths either.

While little scientific research exists on male hair-removal habits, a 2008 study conducted by researchers at Flinders University in Australia concluded that “hairlessness is rapidly becoming a component of the ideal male body.” Of the 228 heterosexual males who participated in the anonymous survey, 66 percent said they had removed their pubic hair at least once, in comparison to 82 percent of homosexual males.

Manscaping has gone so mainstream that stores like Kohls and Bed, Bath & Beyond stock body trimmers right next to facial ones. “The Mangroomer Private Body Shaver is one of our best-selling products,” says Mike Gilman, co-owner of the Grooming Lounge in Washington D.C., an upscale Barber Shop that serves scotch to its clients. Brian Boye, fashion and grooming editor at Men's Health, agrees that body-grooming products have flooded the men’s market in recent years. For only $8, you can treat a razor-burned scrotum with luxurious “Calm Balm Soothing Skin Salve,” by ballsBALM.

We’ve come a long way from the days when Steve Carrell comically winced while waxing his chest in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. In this year’s 50/50, when Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cancer-stricken character shaves his head, he borrows an electric trimmer from his bearded buddy (played by Seth Rogen), who confesses after the fact that, yes, he uses it to shave his balls. The subtext here suggests that if a guy as unkempt as Rogen tends to his hair down there, so should every other American bro.




Look Great In Cool Swim Trunks




  • The Feminine Trimmer
    • 6½" high, ¾" diameter — includes travel case, cleaning brush, and instruction manual
  • Micro Trimmer
    • 5 1/8" long
    • 5/8" wide
  • Body Bare Shaver
    • 4" high, 1½" diameter — includes travel case, cleaning brush, and instruction manual
  • "NoBumps" razor bump preventer and treatment
  • Baby Powder
    • 2 oz container. Talc free. This powder is corn starch based. There is no talc. Save a trip to the store buy here.
  • Application brush
    • 4¾" high, ¾" diameter —
      Brush head 1½" diameter
    • Retractable
    • Full bristles
    • Great for travel and vacations
    • Protective cover
  • Premium Condoms:
    • Top Quality
    • Preferred by hospitals, non-profits, birth control clinics and more.
    • Spermicide Free
    • Premium condoms provide strength, reliability and sensitivity.
  • Lubricating oil for your shaving and trimming units
    • reduces friction
    • increases the life of your blades
  • Shipping and Handling
    • Ground shipping — $6.65
    • Ground shipping free for orders over $90.00
    • Other shipping options available at checkout



This is the ultimate men's package. Note the Ladyfair trimmer is NOT included. This is because that unit is not for men based on the wider teeth design which can easily nick the loose skin around the testicles. The trimmers included have smaller teeth which drastically reduce the chance of a nick. When using any trimmer around personal areas, always pull skin taut. Of course, what men's package would be complete without a package of 10 strong yet sensitive Premium condoms and last but not least, 1 jar of No Bumps lotion to ensure no bikini bumps.

"The 115v rechargeable Body Bare razor is super...
I really enjoy using it... WOW, why didn't someone introduce the 'rotating blade' razor to me before now...!!!" Kindest Regards,

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Personal Shaver Customer Reviews ...

"I have told everyone about your Body Bare shaver product. I love it!!"


"Love my new Body Bare irritation and NO RED BUMPS! Very comfortable. Exceptionally smooth results. WAY cheaper than waxing. More comfortable than a razor. Great product. You may use this as a testemonial if you like but please withold my name."

Kindest Regards,

"Dear David K.,

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the speed of your service. Having only placed my order on Saturday 5th July, I was most surprised that it was delivered to me just 6 days later. I have now had the chance to test the Body Bare shaver products and can confirm that they are all working most satisfactorily and I am very pleased with them indeed."

Thank you and kind regards,

"I wanted to take a minute and let you know your customer service is wonderful. I ordered a Body Bare Shaver and a Feminine Trimmer yesterday afternoon.I received it today. The ordering was simple over the interent. The confirmation email, followed by the tracking number email, and then the delivery notification via email had me very impressed. I have dealt with very large corpporations, paid extra for overnight delivery, and did not nearly get the service that you provided. Thank you and it has been a pleasure."


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