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Liquid O - Orgasm Enhancer for Women

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What is Liquid "O"?


Liquid "O" is a topically applied, specially formulated, liquid used to enhance a sexual encounter by sensitizing the woman¹s clitoris. It contains L-arginine, an amino acid available in health food stores, and menthol, a flavor agent commonly found in mouthwash and toothpaste. All of the ingredients in Liquid "O" are USP-Food Grade, and are therefore edible.


Why should I use Liquid "O"?


Less than desirable sexual gratification has often been attributed to poor blood flow and blood supply to the female sexual organs. Liquid "O" greatly increases blood flow to the genital area and the clitoris, while the L-arginine is ultimately responsible for assisting in the intensification of the female orgasm. Studies in the United States have found that 75 to 80 percent of women have had an excellent response using L-arginine to enhance their sexual encounters. As a result, they have experienced significant improvements in arousal, lubrication, desire and ultimately orgasm. There have been no systemic or local side effects recorded.


What should I expect with Liquid "O"?


Liquid "O" is topically applied and then absorbed through the clitoral mucus membranes. Liquid "O" users almost immediately experience a strong icy-hot tingle due to the menthol. This menthol effect is designed to greatly increase the blood flow to the clitoris and genital area, and can last up to several minutes. The ultimate stimulating effect of the L-arginine is generally prominent 5 - 10 minutes later and can last anywhere from 30 - 60 minutes or more. All women readily admit that they experienced the icy-hot tingle of the menthol on their very first use. Some women, however; have stated that they had to train their bodies to fully experience the ultimate stimulating effects of the L-arginine. This phenomenon, which can be more prevalent in older women, is a result of less than optimal blood flow into the genital areas, but is usually remedied by using the product for two or three consecutive sexual encounters.


Do I need a prescription for Liquid "O"?


Absolutely not! Liquid "O" is not a drug and is not intended to treat or cure any sexual dysfunction or disease. Liquid "O" is not a magical aphrodisiac that will automatically make someone instantly desire sex. Liquid "O" is, however; intended to greatly enhance any sexual encounter that one may have.


How is Liquid "O" applied?


First pinpoint the exact location of the clitoris, just above the urethral opening and vaginal entrance inside the labia (folds of skin that cover the genital area). Apply one to two drops of Liquid "O" to the fingertips of the first and/or second fingers of the dominant hand. Expose the clitoris by shifting the legs slightly apart and with the non-dominant hand, gently spreading and pulling the labia upward. Apply the Liquid "O" with a circular rubbing motion to ensure that the clitoris is completely covered, especially the underside. Liquid "O" may be reapplied as desired, and applications can even be incorporated into the initial acts of foreplay! Liquid O will work the first time but for optimum effects use 2-3 times (Different sexual encounters). This will increase the levels of Nitric Oxide flow to the clitoris. Click here for more info about liquid O.


Will Liquid "O" affect my partner?


If some of the Liquid "O" rubs off onto your partner they may or may not experience a similar slight tingle, depending on the area or areas involved. However, the biggest effect Liquid "O" will have on your partner will be as a direct result of the effects that Liquid "O" has on you!


Still have questions about Liquid O?


Click here for our Liquid O Mega information and FAQ page.

If you are preganant, you should not use Liquid O.


40 applications per Liquid O Tube

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